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Keystone Crisis Intervention Team (KCIT) supports crime victims in communities throughout Pennsylvania in their recovery from a traumatic event through group crisis intervention.

The program is funded by a grant through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

After first responders leave the scene of a crime, a community is often left to fend for itself after witnessing or experiencing an incident. The experience of those impacted does not magically disappear and can cause lingering trauma. KCIT is a community’s second line of assistance and provides professionally trained teams of individuals to serve any community within the Commonwealth where a crime has taken place.

Since its first deployment in 2000, KCIT has provided crisis interventions to thousands of individuals from counties all over the state of Pennsylvania. Types of crimes that KCIT teams have responded to include domestic violence homicides, school shootings, workplace shootings, bank robberies, arson, terrorism and any other criminal incidents where there have been multiple victims or witnesses.