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Become a Volunteer

Supporting Pennsylvania crime victims and their communities

As a volunteer you will:

  • Meet and connect with a diverse group of professionals from all over the state
  • Be professionally trained in Group Crisis Intervention (GCI) for mass trauma
  • Be offered on-going professional training to further your professional development

How do I become a volunteer?

Upon completion of KCIT’s Group Crisis Intervention training, there is a quick interview and application process, which includes submitting criminal, FBI, and child abuse clearances.  Once all the application materials are fulfilled, the new volunteer is welcomed and assigned a KCIT mentor to begin the journey on our team!

What is the time commitment as a volunteer?

KCIT volunteers give of their time as they can. We like to say, give as you can and still stay active on our team! KCIT’s GCI’s are currently provided both virtually and in-person, providing more options to assist.

Do I facilitate right away?

The quick answer is no.  New volunteers begin by observing a couple of interventions before taking on a role.  The Program Coordinator will always ask if someone is comfortable taking on any role, including Scribe and Support.  We understand it take time getting used to the KCIT model and being comfortable taking the lead.