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What is a GCI?

KCIT Group Crisis Intervention (GCI) – Providing Secondary Response

You can think of KCIT’s Group Crisis Intervention as addressing the gap that exists in-between traditional trauma services offered.

GCI assists individuals in the beginning to process the disorganization and overwhelm that is created after experiencing a traumatic event. During a GCI,  the group is led by a facilitator through a series of questions using time progression – starting in the past, present, and then future. Questions aim to help participants sort through their experience of the event, their reactions, and what they continue to hold as a result of the trauma. It is important to understand that a GCI is not therapy and is a one-time intervention.

Normalization and validation of the group’s reactions to the event are given along with education about why and how their body was using a natural response to ensure protection against a perceived threat. The group process assists in restoring connection and the feeling that “I am not alone ” in my suffering.