What We Do

Explore our goals

<h3>Economic wellbeing</h3>
Economic wellbeing means people have their most basic survival needs met and have sustainable income

Education is the ultimate empowerment tool for children, their families and communities to survive and recover

If people do not know their rights or have the power to make important decisions, they will struggle to improve their lives.

Millions of people, particularly women and children, die from preventable causes in countries affected

Trapped in countries plagued by crisis, many people cannot access resources they need to ensure their own safety

<h3>Women &amp; Girls</h3>
With the right support and investment, women and girls can change their own future and uplift entire communities

Delivering lasting impact

We serve

people whose lives have been upended by war, conflict and natural disasters

We work

in countries where people don’t have the support they need to recover from crisis

We respond

within 72 hours, staying to help countries stabilize and people rebuild their lives

We resettle

refugees welcomed by the world, helping them to succeed and thrive

<h2>Support a Future Where Violence and Poverty are Less Common</h2>